Renovating the Denver house

In September 20,18 we will rebuild the Selficient house which we participated in the Solar Decathlon in Denver with, at Bolognalaan 99 on the Utrecht Science Park. We are very excited about this, as not only has it been a long process to get the land-use permission and the building permit, but also to actually have our house here at our campus, for everyone to use and for us to put our ideas into action, is a unique benefit!

Our Selficient house will be rented out, as short-stay accommodation for whoever would like to stay in the house - imagine waking up in the morning with the view of the green fields surrounding the Utrecht Science Park, within walking distance to the forest and yet so close to the vibrant city-centre of Utrecht? We will also rent it our for meeting-rooms, to facilitate a creative, green thinking space for companies and others who would like to use it. Furthermore, we aim to empower our residents and users by showing simple and easily implementable solutions for bringing sustainability into their own lifestyles: at home, work and on holiday.

The users of the house will be invited to give feedback on various aspects of their stay, for example, the comforts and ease of use of the various facilities and appliances. Water and electricity usage-data will also be gathered, and all of this feedback and data will be taken into account for the renovation process to our participation in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 in Hungary. 

Stay connected to hear about the progress of the USP-house!

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