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The Denver post covered a preview article about the Solar Decathlon.

The teams behind 13 solar-powered houses to be built near the Denver International Airport have eight months to figure out how to get their supplies to the city. But their designs are in and ready for everyone to see. Check out the slideshow (below) for a sneak peek.

When the 13 university finalists converge in Denver for the Solar Decathlon 2017, they will get about a week to convert their architectural designs into reality. The public event is Oct. 5 near Pena Station, where the new Panasonic facility is located.

“We’re actually popping up our own ‘village’ out there just for this event,” said Stacy Hunt, a spokeswoman for the event that is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. That includes “team homes, tents for special events, food, sustainability expo,” she added.

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Selficient is from Team Netherlands, or the students of HU University of Applied Science Utrecht from the Netherlands. The modular structure stars as a two-dimensional piece that can be moved elsewhere without material waste.


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