August 11, 2017 447 keer bekeken 0 comments

What to do when you try to save the world? Well, start with yourself. We challenged our team mates to reduce their footprint. And how!

Selficient stands for an ecological way of living. Even when we are building (and working), we want to show our vision in a fun way. A reason for one of our team members to challenge the rest in different workplaces. Janiek vlogged her challenge.

She used 'the floor is lava'-challenge as basics, where people have to jump off the floor because it would (imaginairy) burn you. But instead of calling it Lava, it became the footprint. To reduce it, you'll have to leave the floor.

Ofcourse we cannot do this by ourselves, so we challenged team UCDavis and team Switzerland to do the same. We hope we can work together to reduce the total footprint of humanity!



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