Working with Mett is a bless!

June 07, 2017 282 keer bekeken 0 comments

Working with lots of students can be frustrated as well as rewarding. But still, Mett choose to work with us and we are very happy with the help we got from them. Not only did we get a beautiful site, we also have an online workplatform where everyone of the team can put their files online safely!

When we started as the communication team for Selficient, we already had a website and got a lot of different jobs, we don’t know where we should start! But the website was beautiful. The only downside was that the server got hacked and when the problem was solved, our university didn’t see it as a safe site to surf on.

That gave us a lot of problems, because sending a mail with a link of our site was very troublesome. Most of our e-mails didn’t arrive.

Luckily for us, Mett heard of us through Meine. We’ve talked and told our concerns, but they’d assured us, it would be easy to build a replica of our current site.

Well, they didn’t lie. Not only did we get a very fine website, which we are finetuning when we can, but we also got a great support team as well. And to top it off.. We can finally upload as many files as we can and need with a good system.

Thanks Mett!


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