We develop a self-sufficient house by using modern technologies and building accordingly to the principles of the circular economy and cradle-to-cradle philosophies. Many of the traditional building techniques produce a lot of waste during the building and subsequent demolition process. Our vision is to reuse, and cultivate waste for reuse as much as possible. Through our innovative design it will be possible to build self-sufficent houses at an affordable price.

We want to create a modular house that can easily be assembled, disassembled and reassembled while at the same time keeping its waste production to a minimum throughout its life cycle. This is achieved by adopting standardized, interchangeable wall-, floor- and roof panels: smart panels, made out of bio-based materials. This approach allows durable construction of housing on a large scale, thereby lowering the ecological footprint of the construction- and housingsector. 

Due to the use of smart panels, the Selficient house can easily be customized by the customer. Also, panels can be traded between different houses so that no panel has to be disposed of, thus strengthening the circular economy of the housing sector. Another advantage of the usage of smart panels is that it allows its owners to easily modify the design and lay-out of their house by interchanging panels. For example: panels fitted with a certain application can simply be replaced by a different panel fitted by rearranging the panels to the skeleton of the house.

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